Eastern Tunes – Directions


Pretty Simple: Take a train to Mikulášovice dolní nádr. Then follow the signs to the venue…

Feed your navigation system

The place of the festival can be found with different adresses or different places can be found with the adress of our festival :). We are not only close to the border to Germany, but also close to the border between the municipalities of Mikulašovice and Velký Šenov. While it belongs to Velký Šenov, you will have to go through Mikulasovice to reach it. So you can try using some combination of

  • Velký Šenov ev. č. 41 // 407 78 Velký Šenov CZ
  • Velký Šenov 41, // 407 78 Velký Šenov, CZ
  • Velký Šenov ev. č. 41 // 40779 Mikulasovice, CZ

Please check where your system wants to guide you with the map below.

Open your eyes…

In order to make sure you can really reach us, we will also put up some signs in the villages around. So if you see one of those, follow them and you will (likely) not go wrong anymore.