Main Building

Find a piece of Asia in the north-west Bohemia

Help Thonmi z.s. raise funds to build a Tibetan style Culture and Information Center for Asia based in the Šluknov Hook, North Bohemia.

Phase 1: Access road, Foundations, Utilities

Thonmi Main building of the Culture and Information Center for Asia, author: M. Tutter

The aim of the main building is to host some of our events and to become the heart of our association, Thonmi z.s.. The main building of the Culture and Information Center is inspired by the typical Tibetan architecture. Given this fact and its traditional interior decoration this building will be unique in Europe. It will have a spacious presentation room and a library serving as a facility for scheduled projects, seminars and cultural events of our association and cooperating organizations, addressing the general public and schoolchildren with the opportunity to spend Asia and environment-oriented project days here. The premises will be also offered for rent for example for yoga workshops or meditation sessions. Projections of thematic documentaries and information on news and events in Asia will be available for passers-by on daily basis.

The financing of the Center main building is divided into three parts: 1. Access road, Foundations, Utilities; 2. Structural work; 3. Finishes, Heating system and Interior equipment. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign on, “Za světem Asie na severozápad Čech”, to raise funds for this phase. Next round of crowdfunding will be launched after the completion of the previous one. Regularly check our website and our FB for photos of the completed work.

Currently, in accord with a valid building permit, we are carrying out all the preparation work for foundations and the access road. To minimize the construction costs recycled materials from the neighborhood will be used where appropriate, and a part of the workload will be carried out by Thonmi members themselves. The construction of the Center and establishment of the premises will provide employment opportunities for local people and will contribute to local development of this border region.

Access Road

The Center should be financially independent in the future. However, right now we need your help, both moral and financial. We are seeking partners who share our conviction that cultural understanding can contribute to a better coexistence between peoples not only in Europe. By supporting our project, you will help the construction of an architectonically unique building, inviting any passers-by for a visit or a moment of reflection.

We hope that with your help this project will succeed and that soon we will meet for a documentary screening, a lecture, or a discussion in our beautiful new building of the Center.

Become our partner now! Thank you!

Pedestrian Bridge over Railway Track

In 2015 we finished the pedestrian bridge over the track between Mikulášovice and Velké Šenov. The pedestrian bridge stands on the site of the original bridge and connects the grounds of the Thonmi area.

Source: Jiří Fišer