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From the Northwest of Bohemia to the World of Asia

The construction of a main building in Tibetan style for the Center for the Study of Asian Regions of the Thonmi Association in Šluknov.

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We are looking for partners who share the view that cultural understanding can contribute to a better coexistence of people not only in the common Europe. Sponsors will be listed on a board in the entrance area of the building.
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… the ambience of the interior will prepare the arrivals to accept the fundamental differences between human cultures. We all need a glimpse into the everyday situations of people who come from distant lands, who profess different religions and philosophies of life, and who may even have different skin color. This will help us to reduce our fears of the foreign.

Thonmi Main building of the Culture and Information Center for Asia, author: M. Tutter

In order to be able to offer our activities all year round in our own premises, we are constructing a main building for the activities of Thonmi z.s. in a typical Tibetan architecture, unique in Europe, with traditional interior design reflecting the different regions we focus on. This scientific and cultural center with lecture hall and library will provide space for projects, seminars and cultural events of our association and cooperating institutions. School classes and the general public are welcome to spend thematic project days in the center. The hall will also serve as a meeting place for the residents of the neighboring villages.

After completion, we will rent the center’s premises to interested parties who wish to hold, for example, yoga seminars, educational courses or meditation sessions. When no specific program is planned, thematic documentaries and information about events in Asian regions will be shown, accessible to casual passers-by.

Based on the granted building permit, we will complete the shell of the building in 2023, thanks to the work of volunteers who engage in regular work assignments. The funds spent so far come from personal donations from association members, supporters, crowdfunding on Startovac and other sources. The main sponsor is the Premedis Foundation.

Construction work for the Tibetan house

For the construction of the main building of Thonmi z.s. in Tibetan style (with sloping walls) we use partly recycled and natural building materials from the surrounding area, the main thermal insulation of the walls will be straw bales.

You can find current photos and information about the planned working assingments on our -> Facebook site.
We also recommend watching the documentary film by Petr Slavik on iBroadcasting CT, -> Our Countryside – Little-Tibet (CZ)